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                        NARAYANI AWARD



Smt. Kusum Narain (1931-2015) wrote over one hundred and fifty stories in well-known Hindi magazines and periodicals. Three novels and five short story compilations have also been published. More than half her stories were published in the magazines of the Delhi Press Group.


Narayani was able to put pen to paper only after the age of forty, having earlier been preoccupied with raising her family. She believed that the simpler a story was, the more it was likely to represent our lives. Her stories were about ordinary people living ordinary lives but carried deep underlying messages. 


In partnership with her family, the magazines of Delhi Press Sarita, Grishshobha and Mukta are launching the Narayani Award in her memory, which will be awarded in December every year to two women writers by Delhi Press. Every year, winning stories will be selected based on a competition. To take part in the competition, please send your entries between 1 December 2016 and 28 February 2017, which will be eligible for publication in the magazines between February and December 2017. The winning stories should be around a subject that carries a social message. 


This award, which is given by Narayani’s family, will be of Rupees One Lakh in its first year, which will be shared equally between two writers who will receive Rupees Fifty Thousand each. It carries a citation along with the cash award.


The entries received can be used in regular editions of these magazines as well and entries for regular editions can be considered for the award as well. The first page of the submission should clearly mention “Narayani Award”.  In this regard, the Editor’s decision will be final.


Please send submissions together with your bio to this address:

Delhi Press, E3, Jhandewala Estate,

Rani Jhansi Marg, New Delhi 110058. 

You can also send entries in a pdf file by email to:

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